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SN-TECH was founded in 1998 based upon the principle of providing quality products on time followed by a lifetime of product support and spares availability. The company has remained faithful to these principles by only entering a field of pumping when able to offer a superior product with better performance and long life expectancy.



Basics of Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used turbo machinery devices. They are used to raise the pressure or induce flow in a control volume. Centrifugal pumps are radial flow devices. Various kinds of centrifugal pumps are available in the market with different construction details. But working principle behind all of them remain same. In this video we will analyze, working principle of a centrifugal pump with single suction, semi open impeller


Feb 5, 2014


ALI BAKAR Millenium Engineering-Contractor - Dar es salaam

We don't use any substitutes! We know SN-TECH Pumps are dependable. If a customer is not convinced to use SN-TECH products and asks me to substitute another pump, I would rather cover the difference in cost, because I know who is going to get the call when the other pump goes down. Whether it's a pump or pump accessory , I have learned that you can reduce your operating costs with the dependability of SN-TECH pumps.

AWADHI NGELEJA Pump Installer - Tanga

Because of their quality and reliability, Pumps supplied by SN-TECH are the most popular choice of our customers. SN-TECH products continue to offer superior performance for water wells drilled by us. Maintenance is minimal and price is unbeatable. We did try few competitive brands but never came up to the specified performance. After that, we just decided to never use anything but SN-TECH products.

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